TypeWholesale ($ CAD)Retail ($ CAD)
Dry Sac 10 l10.910.5
Dry Sac 30 l1927.2
Dry Bag 80 l66.793.3
Dry Bag 100 l72.7101.8
Pump RoBfin 2×3 l36.450.9
Pump Rafter 1 x 6 l151.5212.1
Bayonet reduction for pumps6.18.5
Raft compressor 230 V121.2169.7
Repair kit in a bag18.225.5
Release Valve23.633.1
Valve Plug6.18.5
Valve Tool6.18.5
Release Valve Tool15.221.2
Patches variety (10 pcs)6.18.5
D-rings metal patch6.17.3
D-rings plastic patch6.17.3
Holders ROBfin7.38.7
Foot Straps9.110.9
Foot Cups12.114.5
Paddle Profiplast33.346.7
Packraft strap with buckle7.310.2
Packraft seat holder patch9.112.7
Packraft footstrap with patch12.117
Packraft back rest24.233.9
Packraft seater12.117
Packraft seat inflatable15.221.2
Packraft 3 point thigh rest24.233.9
Packraft zipper replacement60.672.7
Pack paddle carbon 4 pcs TNP157.6220.6
*Plus 5% GST
*$50 shipping Canada Wide and $80 Shipping to U.S.