Canoe ROBfin America

2 seater canoe for more experienced paddlers, designed for whitewater runs. Rigid canoe with 3-pointed thigh straps and wide kneeing. Selfbailing by rear end adjustable sleeve.
You will enjoy every run with this boat on small creeks or big volume rivers and then you just fold it and carry on as any other bag.

A great design of Olympic medailist of C2 slalom – Tomas Mader and paddlers of Usti.
America was made as inflatable boat for technical paddlers who can enjoy technical runs. Great stability in whitewater, fast and easy to turn.
Rigid canoe that you can control by leans, position of your bodies or any stroke. Super fast selfbailer with design to get you through any white water you dare.

Strong fabric with PVC/PU coat, light, durable and heavy duty.

Beside the great performance you will get the chance to tune your boat by changing positions of seats or close the selfbailing hose on easier water.
Pump, bag, repair kit included.

Specification and sizes

Length405 cm
Width90 cm
Height46 cm
Kick50 cm
Inner width50 cm
Weight22 kg
Recomended for crew with total weight of140 – 200 kg (310 – 410 lb)

Color variants