Canoe ROBfin Yukon C1

Whitewater singl-canoe, playboat made for crazy runs and easy trips as well.
Selfabailing canoe with wide kneeing, 3-pointed thigh straps, manuevrable, fast and stable. Rigid inflatable boat.
A must have for those who can navigate alone with canoe paddle and like OC1 crafts.

A great design of our designer – Olympic medailist from C2 Tomas Mader and team of experienced C1 paddlers.
Y C1 is a inflatable partner of classic OC1 for paddlers who can enjoy the whitewater with a single blade. Recomended for expert paddlers who can play, keep the canoe in direction and hold stability on their paddle.
Great stability in waves, boat sensitive to any stroke, great surprice for any paddler. You can surf this boat, turn or just enjoy the run of quiet rivers or technical creeks.
Great boat for white water, once not needed, folded is a very small bag.
Selfbailing system can be closed and load the Y C1 with a lot of gear.

Recomended by 5 of 5 good paddlers.

Specification and sizes

Length335 cm
Width88 cm
High45 cm
Weight17,5 kg
Recomended for paddlers
(More buoyant floor can be made for bigger paddlers upon the order)
60 – 90 kg

Color variants