Canoe ROBfin Yukon

Continualy designed to perfection, all the time ROBfin´s best seller.

Selfbailing canoe with great performance on whitewater with open drainage system or great touring canoe for easy water or multiday trips with a big load when drainage system is closed.

Stable in waves, fast on lakes…

Experienced boaters will quickly understand this great canoe.
Rigid, stable in waves, fast on lakes. When on white water, very little waves gets into the canoe.

Enough room to sit on longer stretches or knee inside for better stability on white water.

Used fabric with PU/PVC coating is the best for canoes you can find worldwide.
UV stable, long life, highly abrasion resistant and very strong.

Design and fabric makes canoe which is surprisingly rigid without using any additional reinforcement.
Selfbailing by drainage sleeve on rear part of the boat. On rivers up to Class 3 this system can be closed and Canoe Yukon becomes a classic canadier to carry enormous load if needed.

Recomended for crew with total weight of 100 – 190 kg (200 – 400 lbs).

Specification and sizes

Length412 cm
Width100 cm
Weight23 kg
Total capacityt300 kg
Recomended for crew with total weight of100 – 190 kg (200 – 400 lbs)

Color variants