Packraft ROBfin Family

Completely new concept of packrafting. Instead of mushy packraft, you get a High Pressure Packraft from extremely heavy duty fabric, that takes you anywhere and make it fun !

Stable and selfbailing (realy selfbailing) packraft with performance of hardshell boat. Fast and manouvreable, good for beginers, for experienced boaters or experts as well.

Packraft for two. Primary for 1 adult and 1 younger paddler (or kid, dog, any other family member). Can carry up to 180 kg.
Fast and responding boat from extremely tough fabric.
Family fun on river needs Family packraft, big safe, responsive and buoyant.

Low profile makes easier windy and open water paddling.

Expert kayakers will enjoy the run.
Beginers will shortly get on white water.

On top of it is very light, easy to pack small, versatile boat with many features for white water or touring.

Airtight zipper pack system allows you to pack inside the tubes. We also produce economy version without zipper.
Seat holds you completely in the boat, even when you roll. On the same time you can swim out safely without need to touch seat straps. Easy to sit on (like on the couch back home), easy to step out.

Water resistant bag and light pump included in package.
ROBfin supplies packrafts complete, with no hidden costs, real selfbailer. You just pump and go.

Instructional videos

Specification and sizes

Length330 cm
Width96 cm
Weight8,25 kg
Recomended load150 – 180 kg

Color variants

Type variants

Packraft Family Classic
Fully equiped version with ISS

Packraft Family ECO
Economy version with no ISS

Packraft, Slovenia 2018

Packraft, Croatia 2018

Packraft, Georgia 2018