Raft ROBfin Profi 425 – S

Rafting boat for professionals. Designed for commercial outfitters, rafting operators and experienced paddlers.
Symetric, selfbailing, max. 9 paddler boat.
Durable fabric, UV stabilized with double layers on the bottom comes with the standart.

This boat will get you there and brings you back again.
Designed to live long, be rigid and easy to navigate from stern and comfort for all paddlers.
Bottom made of stronger fabric than rest of the boat, main tube has the double layer on the bottom to prevent any damage when on water.
Seat places are equiped with anti-slipery layers.
Hardened D-rings are atached by double straps with covered stitches.

Denali Profi 425 is made for bigger whitewater or multiday trips as well as for commercial rafting on any water up to Class 5.

Specification and sizes

Length425 cm
Width205 cm
Weight55 kg
Tube diameter53 cm
Inner width101 cm
Inner length320 cm
Number of chambers5+2
Recomended for8+1 paddlers

Color variants