Our boats are made of fabric Mirasol or Valmex.

Both are great fabric, each one best for different use.

Valmex and Mirasol are PVC/SOL coated fabrics made in according to the last informations about materials for white water boats. Difference is in chemical contains of the coat. Their resistance is amazing.

Fabric is UV resistant, salt water or mineral oils resistant.

Without any compromise works in temperatures of -30°C to +70°C

PU coating helps to resist against abrasion and makes fabric flexible. First quality base fabric make all boat strong in each dimension and brings our inflatables very close to hard shell boats.

User can by regulation of air pressure inside of the boat make craft that is rigid and strong for long paddling stretches or easy maneuvres as well as the soft and flexible boat for shallow river with sharp rocks (soft and flexible fabric better works better when confronted with sharp rocks, harder boat is easier to navigate).

We seal seams using the hot air and HF welding as well as the gluing where the seam requires to work the best.